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    PivaServ™ is our development services practice to help businesses achieve their goals and objectives by combining all of our tools, processes and world-class services to deliver successful results.

    PivaServ™ has helped customers from many different industries achieve the results they were demanding, due to the fact that we tailor our services based on the needs of the organization and project because we believe that there is no "one size fits all" approach. While each project may have similar aspects, each one requires specific understanding on how to solve it, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

    Today's development efforts are vastly different than they were even just a few short years ago. With so many new technologies today, are you positioned to be able to take advantage of them to ensure that the tools you develop today will withstand the demands of tomorrow? 

    Pivasys is positioned to help. Along with our partners, we're experienced in all of the latest development technologies as well as industry leading middleware and database platforms. We've created tools and websites for many different organizations, utilizing the latest technologies, to ensure they'll work for you for years to come.

    Contact us for more information on ways Pivasys can help you.
    Buzonk® is Pivasys' Collaboration Site for Businesses, Organizations and Professionals which allows customers, businesses and colleagues to connect to one another. Buzonk® is your one-stop shop to build partnerships, increase your visibility, reach into an untapped customer-base and leverage the experience of experts in your industry. Buzonk® is the premier place to collaborate with others in your industry about common everyday issues that we're all facing within our organizations. 

    What Facebook® and Twitter® have done to revolutionize connecting people together socially, Buzonk® will revolutionize the way people and organizations communicate and interact with each other on a professional basis. 

    Buzonk® allows you to post questions and search for answers to business issues that you are experiencing that so many other businesses like yours have experienced as well. As Buzonk® grows, so will the multitude of data and responses that are pertinent to your needs. Buzonk® will be your primary location to find out what's happening in your industry and other industries you might be interested in as well, network with others, search for jobs or employees, catch one of our webinars, read one of the many articles published not only by industry experts but by Buzonk® members as well, but most of all, collaborate with each other in near real-time. 

    Collaboration within Buzonk® can take many forms. It could be a post in our forums, a group discussion, private messages to connections (current and potential) or even real-time through our chat application that allows you to chat with your connections. 

    Like the information that you will have access too, the possibilities within Buzonk® are endless.


    SchemaApps™ is Pivasys' suite of SaaS and Stand-Alone utilities and applications that assist operations and project members as well as business leaders in their daily roles by providing the most important information to their fingertips at a moments notice.

    Whether it's daily operational trend analysis, custom component documentation to be used during upgrades or implementations or many of the other vast functions your business performs, SchemaApps™ will help you to get the job done quickly and efficiently, all while reducing costs.

    To view the suite of SchemaApps™ utilities and applications, visit the SchemaApps website for more information.


    SchemaTrend™, part of the SchemaApps™ suite, is Pivasys' Database Trend Analysis tool that helps administrators, project members and business leaders identify trends within the tables of their databases to ensure they have the full picture of how their data is growing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 

    SchemaTrend™ captures the important data points associated with each table and then displays those data points for each of those tables in a concise and easy to understand manner. Tables are grouped by their associated "domains" to help business and technical teams understand where their growth is and to make the correct decisions based on the population of their data. 

    SchemaTrend™ will help identify potential "hot spots" due to large, daily data growth to assist DBA's in their maintenance activities as well as helping them to work with the business constiuents to identify "historical" tables that might be able to be archived to help reduce overall space consumption and imporve batch processing times. 

    SchemaTrend™ is useful in the following scenarios:
    • Quickly identify growth in particular tables to enable you to take proactive measures
    • Determining daily/weekly/monthly growth trends
    • Understanding the impact of adding a large bulk of business to your OLTP after a few days worth of batch processing
    • Comparing one version of your application to another version
    • Comparing copies of your application
    By utilizing the SchemaTrend™ process at least twice daily (once right before you start your batch processing and right after your batch processing is complete), you'll soon start creating the historical trending data you need to make decisions. The pre-batch snapshots will show you the amount of data your organization has processed since the prior batch run and the post-batch snapshots will show you how much data your batch processing generated. You'll also be able to enter start/end times for tables in the comparison reports, to show growth by your specified duration, to determine batch processing throughput for your batch processes that fill those tables that you specify.

    Visit SchemaTrend's website for more information


    SchemaRef™, part of the SchemaApps™ suite, is Pivasys' Custom Component Analysis and Reporting utility that helps project members and developers identify which tables their custom components link to for use during a system upgrade.

    SchemaRef™ will help to easily and quickly identify custom components that require modification based on table or process changes as a result of table changes occuring during a system upgrade. The quick ability to search for affected columns within SchemaRef™ will show you all of your custom components that reference the table and or column you search for, thereby saving you countless man-hours in performing these activities manually, which also frees up those individuals to perform other critical upgrade tasks.

    SchemaRef™ is useful in the following scenarios:
    • Determining which custom components require modification based on a table/column change
    • Reducing the time required to remediate your custom components by reducing the amount of time required for analysis
    • Understanding the impact of major system design changes to your custom components
    Based on the number of custom components you have, SchemaRef™ can easily save you up to 70% or more time when performing remediation analysis.

    Visit SchemaRef's website for more information


    SchemaMask™, part of the SchemaApps™ suite, is Pivasys' Data Masking tool that enables the masking of sensitive data that is used as part of the testing life-cycle.

    SchemaMask™ allows you to identify the specific columns on tables that need to have the data masked into non-sensitive and non-identifying values after you make copies of your production database and place them into your development and test environments. This ensures that your data is safeguarded from additional team members that wouldn't need access to this information.

    SchemaMask™ is useful in the following scenarios:
    • Protect PHI outside of your production environment
    • Protect personal identifable information such as names, addresses, SSN, etc...
    By utilizing the SchemaMask™ process in your non-production environments, your customers will feel more secure knowing that you're doing everything in your power to safeguard their personal information.


    SchemaSubset™, part of the SchemaApps™ suite, is Pivasys' Data Subset tool that enables administrators to utilize smaller subsets of production data in their development and test environments as part of the development/testing life-cycle.

    SchemaSubset™ allows you to categorize tables and define relationships between tables/columns to ensure that when you create a copy of your production data, you're only taking that data that you need to perform the development/testing activity against and the supporting data to ensure that referetial integrity is maintained.

    Tables are categorized as one of the following:
    1. Exclude (No data is transferred)
    2. Include All (All data is transferred)
    3. Parent (This is where you define which key rows are copied, based on the hierarchy of the data)
    4. Child (Inlcude the data rows that are linked to the Parent table)
    Once the categorization is complete, you define the relationships between tables and columns. This ensures that whatever data is copied from the Parent table, all subsequent and matching data will be included from the child tables.

    SchemaSubset™ is useful in the following scenarios:
    • Reduces the space requirements in your non-production environments
    • Only the data that is necessary for the specific task at hand is copied
    By utilizing the SchemaMask™ process on the data copied via the SchemaSubset™ process, you're on your way to reducing costs, getting a good handle on your capacity needs and protecting your customer's personal information.

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