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    Pivasys, Inc. is an energetic and innovative software and services organization created to serve the comprehensive needs of businesses in the full range of the business cycle. With a core team of experienced professionals, along with our partners, Pivasys is be able to offer greater balanced and global reaching high quality products and services.

    Pivasys is a leader in enabling your small and medium size business to achieve your goals through practical, flexible and innovative solutions. We are in the business of providing successful and sustainable results, and through our offerings your company will be able to:
    • Develop New Business and Customer Connections
    • Increase your Customer and Revenue Base
    • Reduce Technology Expenses
    • Build a Competitive Advantage
    • Develop a Sustainable Business Model
    • Achieve Your Goals in a Cost Effective, Efficient and Scalable Manner

    Our Philosophy

    At Pivasys, we believe that our people are the primary foundation of what we do and allow us to accomplish anything and everything. Our team members and our partners join in our philosophy that what we do has to be done better than anyone has ever done it before, and that good is simply not good enough when greatness is required and expected.

    Customers expect, require and demand more from the companies they do business with, which is why we believe in building solid, long-lasting relationships with them. If they've chosen Pivasys to help them with a business objective and we didn't make them successful, then we're not successful. We're only successful if they are successful. We declare success on a project when the business objective has been met to everyones satisfaction. If we didn't do something correct, we'll fix it on our dime.

    By providing our customers quality products and services and treating them with honor and respect, they'll contact us first for the next project because they realize that we'll get the job done, without nickel and diming them to death. Plain and simple...

    Partnering With Us

    We're always looking for the right organizations to partner with. We partner with organizations that hold the same high values and standards in customer service and employee loyalty that we do. When we partner with an organization, it's about both organizations helping each other, to do what's right for our customers and our people.

    Our highly skilled individuals are available to assist your organization's projects on a C2C basis and will represent your organization to the utmost highest quality and standards you've set while working on your behalf.

    Our History and Milestones

    Pivasys is a culmination of over 20 years of experience by our founder providing Business Consulting/Implementation and IT services to organizations throughout the US. This has created a powerhouse organization with the ability to help you revolutionize, maximize and realize the maximum potential of your organization.

    1990 - Innovative Technologies was started by our founder to help the very small, start-up businesses get into the PC age by designing, building and implementing office networks and shared PC based systems which allowed these organizations to inexpensively share data and resources without the huge expense of mainframe systems

    2001 - Innovative Technologies became DigiNet Designs with the continued premise of helping both small and medium size businesses harness the latest technology to allow them deliver their services to their customers in the most efficient, effective and robust methods possible.

    2009 - Blue Ocean Dynamics is the culmination of the knowledge and experience gained by the projects we've worked on throughout the years. The premise is to revolutionize the industry with our innovative solutions and services to help you grow your organization and enable businesses to connect with customers and each other.

    2011 - Blue Ocean Dynamics becomes Pivasys. The only thing that changes is our name to build better brand recognition. We continue to offer the same high quality products and services that our customers are accustomed too receiving from us.

    We welcome your inquiries; please feel free to contact us.